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How to Evangelize UX: The ABCDs of UX by Matthew Doty

abc-150x150We all know UX is HOT! Its clear that there are few people who do it (and even fewer who do it well). As a result, we see two things: 1.) Well-intentioned designers struggling to bring the full value of human-centered design to their organizations, and 2.) Organizations grappling with what it really takes to enable and sustain a the practice of human-centered design.

If only there was some way we could all take a step back and [cue dreamy music].

  • AWARENESS: Gain a broader AWARENESS of what human-centered design is and how to explain it to others
  • BASICS: Really master the BASICS of not only doing UX but also staffing and supporting UX practitioners
  • CHANE: Learn what it takes to affect real CHANGE in our own circles of influence; and
  • DISCIPLINE: Discover how to exercise the DISCIPLINE needed for those changes to stick

Well, that is exactly what ABCD UX is all about! Through a combination of theory and practical experience, this session playfully walks us through the ABCDs of establishing UX and will inspire you to evangelize human centered design in new ways. You will also be equipped with specific techniques to move the needle toward human-centered design in your own situations.

About Matthew Doty

Matthew DotyAs a UX guy, Matthew Doty crosses the streams of his artistic roots, technical savvy, business acumen, and his fascination with human behavior to create awesome interactive experiences. His work with a broad variety of organizations (ranging from smaller operations to fortune 500 companies) enables Matthew to gracefully plug a user-centered approach into virtually any organization or project.

Matthew’s passions center on 1.) Helping individuals and organizations understand and then adopt the principles and techniques of user-centered design, and 2.) Helping otherwise siloed organizations become more collaborative and 3.) Extolling the virtues of a collaborative culture. Matthews leadership and expertise are currently employed at RBA as the UX Director.

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