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Cooper Workshop

New Cooper Workshop – Leading Creative Ideation

Big Design is pleased to announce the addition of another exciting workshop to our lineup. Andrew Kaufteil, Senior Director, Growth and Partnerships for Cooper, will share his experience Leading Creative Ideation.

Here’s what to expect:

Crack your head open and release a surge of creative ideas with engaging activities that promote clarity, inspiration, and buzz within your organization. We’ll cover methods and facilitation tools to ensure you run fruitful brainstorming sessions, leading your team to more and better ideas. You’ll learn to frame the problem you’re solving, come up with an exploration strategy, and facilitate the session, giving you and your team new ways to get inspired and energized when looking for solutions.

+ Facilitate effective brainstorming sessions
+ Set the right tone, making it safe to take risks and think outside the box
+ Choose the right ideation tools and methods to achieve the outcomes you desire
+ Use a variety of stimulus methods to spark an abundance of fresh ideas
+ Evaluate and prioritize ideas
+ Spread inspiration

Managers or practitioners who want to strengthen their facilitation and ideation skills, and foster a more creative culture.

+ Set the stage for ideation: tips to set the tone, normalize risk and open minds
+ Where ideation fits in the design process
+ Ideation methods: reframe the problem, use stimuli to prompt lateral thinking, and collaborate to build off each other’s ideas
+ Facilitation tips to lead workshops and manage common challenges and personalities
+ Evaluation methods: come to agreement when many ideas are on the table
+ Put it all together: Create a draft plan for an ideation workshop of your own

Join us on
Thursday, September 14
10 am – 4:30 pm
Limit 30 participants


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