Why should you learn to prototype with Sketch?


Why should you learn to prototype with Sketch?

We could break this question down in a lot of different ways. Is the question asking why you should prototype? Is it asking why use Sketch over other tools? Or is it asking something perhaps more existential–who (and why) are “you”?

Lucky for you, Autumn Hood and Sarah Burton are going to be in Dallas, TX on September 20th to answer these questions (well, no promises on the third question). Attend the Prototyping with Sketch workshop if you’re looking to gain some hands-on experience with an industry standard tool, or learn best practices and use cases for prototyping as a part of your design practice.

If you’re still wondering weather learning Sketch is worth your time, these articles may be able to help inspire you:

The Prototyping with Sketch workshop is just one of several amazing workshops offered this year at the Big Design Conference. Other workshop topics include Accessibility, Research Methods, Strategy, and Making Meaningful Work, so there’s something for everybody.

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