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Srikant (Cheenu) Chari

Srikant (Cheenu) Chari to talk about chatbots at Big Design

Srikant Chari
See Chari’s talk, “Think Like A Playwright – Chatbot Content Strategy,” at Big Design 2019.

Srikant Chari is a UX Researcher at BMC Software and one of the early pioneers in the Conversational Design space, Srikant is passionate about solving complex design problems and advocating for a human-centered design approach in designing for AI. He is also well-known for his witty puns. #totalcheenumove

Chari’s talk, “Think Like A Playwright – Chatbot Content Strategy,” is not your every day discussion about chatbots. A big part of designing chatbots is in the dialogue. The question is how do we best design the dialogue for the chatbot such that it clearly communicates the message to the user as well as has them engaged? Join Srikant Chari in his Chatbot Content Strategy Workshop, where he will guide you through a dialogue design activity that ends with a readers’ theatre style skit to simulate conversing with a chatbot.

If you have not bought your ticket to Big Design, get yours now.

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