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Jessa Parette

Jessa Parette will talk about designing the Workplace of the future

Questions and answers with Jessa Parette

Jessa Parette

Jessa Parette will be talking about “Products, Personas and People Data: Design in the Workplace of the Future.” So, what does that mean?

What if employees were viewed as customers? What if the integration and the byproduct of data produced from their interactions with enterprise platforms could be harnessed and cultivated as insights into satisfaction, usage, success or even personas? Design teams, especially in large enterprises, often stand in a unique role, acting as a catalyst between organizational strategies and building a blueprint for service design touchpoints. Leveraging data from products, device interactions, NPS, demographics, and user satisfaction into a tool that can inform business decisions turns a UX team from being a service to being an irreplaceable ally.

Jessa Parette is passionate about storytelling through design and using data to drive decisions. She currently leads user experience research and design for associate digital experiences at Walmart, working in product, service and user experience design for both traditional platforms and emerging technologies like conversational AI. Her previous roles included working with startups, designing data for quantitative and qualitative platforms and innovation lifecycle management. Her team’s work has appeared in SXSW, Forbes, Fortune and Retail Dive.

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