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Tony Daussat to talk about Imposter Syndrome at Big Design

Questions and answers with Tony Daussat

How many Big Design conferences have you attended?

Ironically this will be my first. Since moving back to TX the timing just hasn’t worked out.

Can you briefly tell me what your talk is about? [We have title and summary from your submission, already. Just looking for a different take]

My talk is on Imposter Syndrome. After identifying my personal experience with the feelings of being a fraud in my career field, feeling inadequate, feeling less-than, feeling lost… I started to realize I wasn’t alone in these thoughts that plagued me for years.  Personally, I’ve noticed Imposter Syndrome rear it’s ugly head in the Design Industry in particular. Some of the most successful people I know still feel like an imposter at times. So, I wanted to share the ways I’ve been able to overcome my personal Imposter Syndrome, and in doing so have bolstered my career, quality of work, and relationships.  My hope is that my talk will inspire others just like me how to handle those inner demons and do the same.

Why that topic?

Having battled Imposter Syndrome for years, I wanted to do a podcast episode about it. The response was shocking, incredible, and inspiring. To this day it remains the #1 most downloaded episode. The response compelled me to dig deeper and turn it into a talk. Mental health is something that needs to be talked about. Honestly, it can’t be talked about enough. When you feel the effects of Imposter Syndrome, and don’t talk to anyone about it–the effects are doubly worse. It’s time.

Why did you choose to speak at Big Design?

I was raised in DFW. I went away for a while and came back, not really knowing what my path would be. Flash-forward a couple of years when I was working at Sabre–I immediately felt overwhelmingly positive encouragement from Brian Sullivan. Soon thereafter I found out about his conference and the admirable impact he’s had on the design community here. Speaking at Big Design has been one of my goals ever since.

What are you looking forward to at Big Design, other than your talk of course? Why?

As a first time attendee (and speaker) at Big Design I am really looking forward to the other talks, and engrossing myself in the community. I’ll be the guy walking around lookin’ like a sponge trying to soak up as much as I!

For someone who is trying to pitch the conference attendance to their boss, what would you say is the biggest selling point of Big Design?

Again I’d have to point to the community. I’ve heard nothing but adulation about the sense of community that is the foundation of Big Design. Especially being local, it’s paramount that we engross ourselves in said community. Supporting, learning, growing, giving back.

For our out-of-town guests, what is the coolest thing about the DFW area?

Where do I begin? I’ve lived in New York City, Los Angeles, and San Francisco and well… there’s a reason I moved back here! Nothing against those cities–but–DFW is one of the most dynamic and diverse cities, without any of the traditional “big city” pitfalls. It’s like the perfect marriage of small town and big city. Want a night on the town? Perfect, I have the recipe for you. Want an evening of calm without any hustle or bustle? It’s got that too.

So I hear that you have a UX podcast, could you tell us a bit more about that? What topics have you covered and what are your plans for future episodes? 

I launched the podcast on Jan 1, 2019 and it’s called “Experience Design with Tony Daussat.” currently enjoyed in over 65 countries and 400 cities around the world. In a nutshell I cover how design impacts the way we experience brands, products, services, and our lives. The format is a mix of solo shows and interviews.

The range of topics so far have included things like: design thinking, UX before there was “UX,” imposter syndrome (like my talk!), transitioning into a design career and the importance of accessibility.

My plans for the future are to lean into producing more video content for the podcast and eventually a live show for season two in 2020.

What is the best way that people get in touch with you?

Personal Linkedin: Tony Daussat
Podcast Instagram handle: @xdpodcast

Is there anything else you’d like to add about Big Design?

I truly can’t wait and am very honored to 1.) Be a speaker, and 2.) Share and experience this BigD community.

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