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Big Design announces Balsamiq’s sponsorship

We are happy to announce that Balsamiq is once again sponsoring the Big Design conference! Many Big Design attendees rely on their tool for rapid wireframing. We are thankful that the Balsamiq are supporting Big Design again in 2019.

Since 2008, Balsamiq‘s mission is to help rid the world of bad user interfaces. How does Balsamiq do this? They is done by providing software tools, teaching UI design to non-designers and by building a long-lasting company.  Balsamiq likes to compete on usability and customer service. And they rock at both!

What makes Balsamiq Wireframes such a great asset for a UX designer to have in his/her toolbox? When a designer creates a prototype using Balsamiq, the designs look like rough sketches. This is intentional because then stakeholders won’t get distracted by all the little details. They can then focus on what’s important in the design instead.

Balsamiq is available for Desktop, as a hosted web service, or as a plugin for Google Drive, Confluence and Jira.

Thank you again Balsamiq doe your sponsorship in 2019.

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