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Sarah Burton, from Sabre, talks about the joys of Attending Big Design

Questions and answers with Sarah Burton

How many Big Design conferences have you attended?

What is one “stand out” speaker or talk you remember from a previous conference?
Seda Mauer on accessibility  

What keeps pulling you back to the conference year after year?
I work for Sabre, with Brian Sullivan and many others that give presentations. I’m there to learn and to support my colleagues. 

For someone who is trying to pitch the conference attendance to their boss, what would you say is the biggest selling point of Big Design?
How affordable the Big Design conference is in comparison to other conferences. Additionally, Brian Sullivan and other organizers are always visible and present throughout the workshop. 

For our out-of-town guests, what is the coolest thing about Dallas?
The The Sixth Floor Museum at Dealey Plaza, which is where John F. Kennedy was assassinated and Perot Museum of Nature and Science. Another cool thing right now in Dallas that I heard about a couple weeks ago is some art gallery exhibit that utilizes AR to view well-known paintings. “Dallas Artist Merging Old School Art With New School Technology.” So as you can see, Dallas has a lot of neat things going for it.

Sarah Burton is a user-centered designer with experience in user research and usability testing. Skilled at designing across multiple form factors (mobile, tablet, and desktop). Proven track record of working with product teams across multiple continents to deliver powerful solutions that meet the current and future needs of our customers. Passionate about creating usable, meaningful, consumer-grade experiences for enterprise web applications that are feasible, viable, and desirable.

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