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Slurpee truck is coming to Big Design

Mmmmmm who doesn’t love a Slurpee?

As a paid attendee of the Big Design conference, you are going to have the chance to grab a free one on Saturday, September 21 outside of Gilley’s.

Did you know that this famous sugar rush had user experience beginnings?

Coined from the sound made when you drink it, the “Slurpee” started being offered in 7-Eleven stores in 1966. However, this frozen treat was developed through creative entrepreneurial spirit in the 1950s, when Omar Knedlik had to think fast after his soda machine broke down. He put his sodas in the freezer to keep them cold for his customers and they loved them.

So Omar figured out a way to make a dispensing machine to offer the iced sodas in easy-to-eat slush form, calling them ICEE. Then when 7-Eleven had a successful trial of ICEE, they made a deal to be able to offer the frozen treat in their stores under their own name and began delighting their customers with tons of nifty flavors.

Some other fun facts about Slurpees

  • Every year, 7-Elevens across the world churns out enough Slurpees to fill 12 Olympic-sized swimming pools.
  • If You’ve likely slurped 307 in your lifetime.
  • The Slurpee was actually discovered at a Dairy Queen.
  • The first two flavors offered were Coca-Cola and cherry.
  • Slurpee scientists are constantly tweaking recipes and dreaming new ones.

Lana Gibbons contributed to this story.

Sources:, Mashable

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