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A.J. Wood, from Adobe, returns to Big Design, again!

Questions and answers with A.J Wood

How many Big Design conferences have you attended? I believe I have only missed two since the conference started over ten years ago.

Can you briefly tell me what your talk is about?
I’ll be showing the latest updates to Adobe XD including prototypes with voice and game controllers.

Why that topic?
This is the best conference to get direct customer feedback on this UX tool.

Why did you choose to speak at Big Design?Brian graciously asked, and I’m happy to support local DFW businesses and schools.

What are you looking forward to at Big Design, other than your talk of course? 
It’s a great networking event, and the collective brain power is off the charts.

What keeps pulling you back to the conference year after year?
I always learn something, and it’s a top notch event.

For someone who is trying to pitch the conference attendance to their boss, what would you say is the biggest selling point of Big Design?Hands down if you’re a UXer THIS is the conference you should attend. It’s not just tools and tactics. It’s about building professional and community relationships that will last for years.

What is the best way that people get in touch with you? 
Happy to connect on LinkedIn.

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