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Postponed: Imposter Syndrome with Tony Daussat

Tony Daussat’s talk, originally scheduled for  Thursday, March 19, has been postponed. We will announce the new date on Dallas UXPA MeetUp

Imposter Syndrome: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Ignorance is sponsored by Big Design and Improving.

Imposter Syndrome is firmly rooted in the the design world because UX professionals are called upon to create new products and transformative experiences using the latest technology. Creating the future is both exciting and scary. No expert truly knows how to create the future. They are rapidly experimenting and learning from their mistakes.

In the 1970s, Pauline Clance and Suzanne Imes (clinical psychologists), coined the term “imposter syndrome” to describe the feeling that a person experiences when they feel the people around them have a deeper knowledge than they do. For designers, it can feel like their customers, product managers, users, developers, and everyone knows more than they do (especially, on wicked problems).

In this talk, Tony Daussat will talk about how he has dealt with Imposter Syndrome for years. He borrowed the title from the film Dr. Strangelove– when he learned to stop worrying and love the ignorance. Tony found power in embracing his own shortcomings as personal opportunities for self-improvement. He found great power in these three simple words:

“I. Don’t. Know.”

Once you understand that it’s okay to not know, you’re freed from the burden of being “the expert in the room.” You must be forever curious. Always seeking the answers. That’s why, “I don’t know” is a powerful statement. It is Tony’s personal mantra.

Self-awareness beats out self-confidence all day long.

Tony Daussat is designer, strategist, podcaster, and dad. Over the past 10 years in his UX career. he has worked for mom and pop shops, Fortune 500 companies, agencies, product houses, and more. In his free time isn’t already a thin shred with two toddlers only 11 months apart (you read that right) and a full-time job as an Experience Design Strategist at Bottle Rocket. He has created and sold two companies, and most recently launched Experience Design—a weekly deep dive into the world of experience design. The Experience Design podcast is entering into its second year with listeners in over 120 countries.

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