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24 Hours of UX: Local UX to a Global Audience – June 10

Dallas-area UX professionals will be participating in the first-ever 24 Hours of UX event, a grassroots non-profit initiative to bring live content to the global UX community on June 10. Initiated by Switzerland-based Peter Horvath and Jesse Anton, this event is a global collaboration.

Speakers will be presenting from countries all over the world: from New Zealand to Hungary, Philippines to Kenya, Korea to Morocco.

Brian Sullivan and Indi Young will be delivering a keynote for the event. AJ Wood, Mike Courtney, and Cassini Nazir will also present talks.

Local and independent UX event organizers from all corners of the world joined forces to create an event larger than the sum of its parts.

One-hour events will happen throughout the day, along with cross-continent roundtables and keynotes. As a participant, you can join for as long as you like. You can even stay online for all 24 hours of discussions!

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