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Announcing Big Design Scholarships for UNT and UT Dallas

Design leaders build future design leaders.

Big Design conference organizers are pleased to announce the creation of two permanent scholarships for students at local DFW universities:

These north-Texas universities were chosen because their students frequently volunteer for the Big Design Conference.

In addition, both universities have exceptional teachers and outstanding design programs.

The scholarships have been setup as endowments, allowing them to be given in perpetuity (i.e., they are not one-time scholarships). A scholarship will get issued each academic year at both universities.

Here are some high-level details to help you better understand the Big Design Scholarships:

  • Each college creates an advisory board to review scholarship candidates and chooses the scholarship winner.
  • No organizer or person-related to a Big Design Conference organizer can sit on the advisory board.
  • The advisory board contacts the Big Design Conference to let them know the scholarship winner each Fall.
  • No organizer or person-related to a Big Design Conference organizer can receive a Big Design Scholarship.
  • These are merit-based, best-in-feild scholarships to allow the advisory boards to pick who they consider to be the best scholars.

The goal of the scholarships are to build the future design leaders in our field. Plus, the scholarships fit nicely into the Big Design Conference 2020 theme of Building a Future Legacy.

For questions about the specific scholarship, contact the College of Visual Arts and Design (CVAD) program at UNT and the Arts, Technology, and Emerging Communication (ATEC) program at UT Dallas. Let’s build a future legacy together!

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