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Eco-Friendly and Sustainability Techniques In Our Design Practice

Jonellys MaldonadoDespite all the differences we have, we humans share one very important thing: our planet. Much of the work designers produce has a huge impact on our planet. 

In this talk, Jonellys Maldonado will explore how designers can produce work that also shows care for the environment, and ultimately our future:

When it comes to design, we try to focus on creating the best aesthetically pleasing, functional, and usable designs. It is extremely important that we as designers choose well when it comes to printing or hosting our websites.

Sometimes we are so focused on the creation of the design that we overlook if the paper we are using is recycled and eco-friendly. Or if we are hosting a website, we overlook if the hosting company is a business that cares about lowering their carbon footprint. In addition, if we are designing an app or a website, there are ways to create sustainability in the process.

This talk aims to discuss how beneficial it would be to choose the eco-friendly route by delivering beautiful designs while doing something good for our planet. In general, it opens the door to building a sustainable future for our planet and the practice of design.

Your design practice will change for the better after this talk.

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