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A Future with Class: Introducing Discussion-Based Learning to the Workplace

Carrie AndersenThe most critical 21st-century skill is learning how to learn. Schools give diplomas to individuals, not groups—and yet we learn better in teams. 

How might we collectively invest in the future of the UX profession through expanding how we think about learning and development for our teams?

Join Carrie Andersen for her talk:

Drawing from her decade of experience in academia, Carrie Andersen, Ph.D. will share actionable steps for creating a space for discussion-based learning for UX professionals at a fast-paced product organization.

First, she’ll explain the ways that this type of learning can build team culture, develop participants’ skills in UX, and build connections among cross-functional teams.

Next, she’ll share the process for creating and leading the Content Strategy Development Program at Wayfair (a series of weekly classes about content strategy topics and methods), from getting leadership buy-in to crafting a syllabus.

Finally, she’ll close with takeaways about the impact of this institutional commitment to team members’ future career development, engagement, and long term growth–as well as the long term legacy of UX within one’s organization.

In this insightful and robust talk, you’ll learn how to build from best practices in academia as well as walk away with tactics for creating a discussion-based series at your organization.

View the conference schedule and speakers. Join us on LinkedIn.

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