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Socially Distanced Research: How To Collaborate On & Conduct Remote User Research

Jing Jing Tan

Remote research is now a requirement with the impact of COVID-19 on how companies create/update their products and services. In the new normal, we must do socially-distanced research and remote collaboration on a daily basis.

Jing Jing Tan is a Senior UX researcher at Uber. She enjoys being the bridge between companies and their customers, combining qualitative insights with data-driven approaches to build and optimize for innovation. Jing Jing has a Masters of Education from Harvard Graduate School of Education. She has previously scaled customer insights for high growth startups and agencies.

Here is how Jing Jing describes her talk:

A world that’s socially distancing doesn’t mean user research and product development should stop. In fact, the future of User Research consists of more opportunities for remote collaboration & studies.

In this talk, I want to equip the audience with best practices for how to make remote research work well. We’ll walk through phases of research (kickoff, planning, conducting, synthesis, reporting), illustrated with remote tips-and-tricks, templates, and case studies. If you are not sure how to collaborate on research planning and synthesis with remote colleagues, or how to host research sessions with remote participants, this talk is for you.

Remote research and collaboration has significantly accelerated because of COVID-19. As we build a future legacy (our conference theme), Jing Jing’s talk provides the essential foundations for collaborating with your team and your customers. It will be a critical talk for anyone.

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