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Seat at the Table: Cannot Spell Executive without UX

Rima CampbellRima Campbell is an accredited UX professional with a focus on developing world class customer experiences and leading businesses to achieve the maximum returns. For over 20 years, she has been a strong advocate for the customer along with championing UX best practices. She enjoys coaching, mentoring people to achieve exceptional results.

Rima has 20 years of stellar achievement in UX leadership and execution. She served in various capacities, IA, Design Strategy and UX Research. She improved the value of UX insights at one company, which resulted in growing the UX Research budget from $35K to $3MI and building a team of 13 researchers in a span of 5 years.

Here is how Rima describes her talk:

While there have been surveys over the past few years that have looked at the state of UX as a whole, and at UX design, in particular, we have noticed that the state of UX in the enterprise hasn’t been analyzed in-depth or tracked longitudinally. Particularly when it comes to understanding how enterprise companies are conducting UX research and building future legacy.

In the past two years, we collected data from hundreds of UX Professionals across industries, globally, and identified four key challenges UX is facing in the enterprise. One of the challenges is about bridging the gap between UX and Executives. In this presentation, I will share the data, trends, and the overall state of UX research in the enterprise in 2019. I will share case studies that demonstrate the three behaviors of high performing organizations that help UX Design organizations get a seat at the table and build a future legacy. I will also share what we developed, implemented, and seen impact from a four-level framework to connect UX to traditional business metrics.

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