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Big Design Bonus Content. Pictures of Christian Knebel and Yeri Olengue, who will be producings a video to talk about re-imagining the airline baggage experience.

Bonus Content: Getting Rid of Your Baggage by Re-imagining the Travel Experience

At Big Design 2020, we are providing bonus content for all our attendees. You can consume them at your convenience. These videos are real-world case studies from new voices and industry experts. Our first bonus content is from Christian Knebel and Yeri Bridgette Olengue.

Before COVID-19, Christian and Yeri worked on a project to re-imagine the airline baggage experience. Their user research included a diary study where the baggage experience was studied for four different airlines in five different countries. Here is how Christian and Yeri describe thier bonus talk:

In 2019, 2.3 billion people traveled domestically in the US. These are travelers of all ages, diverse backgrounds, varying occupations, and hailing from all corners of the globe. Airline travelers today have limited options to assist them in maneuvering their luggage from their homes to their final destination. We are still a long way from perfect travel. “Check & Go” was designed with the user in mind to make airline travel safe, secure, and universally accessible.

The Big Design Conference organizers are excited to provide this additional content to attendees. You will get to hear new voices, new methods, new tools, and new techniques. It’s the bonus plan.

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