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Big Design 2020 Keynote Speakers include Tracey Kelly, Aladrian Goods, James Helms, DIane Domeyer, and Jessica Burnham.

Introducing Your Five Keynote Speakers for Big Design 2020

Big Design Conference 2020 has five amazing keynote speakers in four days. We’ve never had this many keynotes at any of our previous conferences. Your keynote speakers come from a variety of backgrounds.

The Big Design 2020 keynotes are:

  • Tracey Kelly. Envisioing Lead on the Catalyst Team at Microsoft. She is about to publish a book on Design Thinking and Agile.
  • Aladrian Goods. Content Designer at Intuit. Last year, she was a volunteer. This year, she is a keynote speaker.
  • James Helms. VP of Design & Innovation at Intuit. He’s an industry speaker and community leader in DFW.
  • Diane Domeyer. Executive Director of The Creative Group. She is an expert on talent management across the globe.
  • Jessica Burnham. Director of the Master of Arts in Design Innovation (MADI) at SMU. She’ll be talking about the social impact of design.

Each of these keynote speakers brings their own unique persective on how to build a future legacy, which is this year’s conference theme.

We have placed the keynote speakers at 12pm CDT during each conference day. We wanted to ensure that our global audience would be able to watch their talks and asks questions during our live Q&A sessions.

You will not want to miss any of these talks.

View the conference schedule and speakers. Join us on LinkedIn.

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