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Sketchnotes from Day 4 Talks

Big Design ends with some amazing talks! If you missed talks, here are sketchnotes from the conference, made possible by the UX Club at UT Dallas.

These are talks from day four:

The UX Club at UT Dallas has sketchnoted Big Design talks since 2015. Beginning in 2019, UNT students joined UT Dallas students to capture conference talks. Show your support and order a UX Club T-shirt.

Thank you to these students for organizing: Vidhi Mehta, Linh-Hoa Nguyen, and Jade Angustia; and these students for sketchnoting: Alesandra BellSnehal Pendharkar, Miranda Hurtado Suazo, Sumayah Abdulla, Alix Kast, Crystal Nguyen, Sisi Burrell, Courtney Schaller, Angela Wang, Xiaochen Liu.

And a special thank you to Lauren Parr, for creating the Zero to Award-Winning sketchnote.

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