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An Integrated Approach to Research to Treat People with Dignity

A deep understanding of your target market’s needs across all phases of the journey from non-customer to customer is the starting point for treating customers with dignity. This is also the most direct path to delivering positive business outcomes. However, current UX research focusing on product user interactions is often conducted in silos and disconnected from its business impact, which puts the value of research and the UX function at risk in the long term.

Companies wanting to gain a competitive edge need high-quality insights from an integrated research plan in which market research and UX research provide different perspectives of customers and potential customers along the journey. Unfortunately, the role of market research is often misunderstood by many in the UX community, and it is often disregarded or ignored, leading to missing opportunities to enhance the value of the UX function in creating experiences that treat users with dignity.

In this talk, you will learn these lessons:

  • Become familiar with the market research process, methods, and connection to UX.
  • Understand how UX research is not enough to deliver experiences that treat users with dignity.
  • Appreciate the value of an integrated research function to deliver business impact.

Your Speaker

Michaela Mora, the founder of Relevant Insights, is an insights professional with a diverse background and more than 20 years of experience in market research, UX research, and multicultural research in industries such as entertainment, technology, retail, automotive, CPG, travel, hospitality, restaurants, financial services, subscription services, among others.

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