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Look Who’s Talking: How to Make Designers Work Amiably

There are more than 60 designers at DataArt, all of them distributed between Russia, Ukraine, Argentina, and other countries. Sometimes, we staff the project with several designers, who barely know each other, or come from various locations. Often it leads to the fact that opinionated and experienced people start arguing over UX decisions. How to avoid this? What types of designers’ conflicts do we typically face? We’ll talk about this, including a few real cases, and polishing the topic with a little bit of theory on psychology and anthropology.

In this talk, you will learn:

Hiring talent and working in a collaborative, team atmosphere
Teaching to argue and receive the feedback in a constructive way
Techniques how to pacify conflict between designers and other stakeholder

Your Speaker

Anastasia Rezhepp is Head of Design at DataArt, a global technology consultancy that designs, develops and supports unique software solutions. DataArt Design Studio is a group of about 100 people, distributed in various locations all over the world, working on UX/UI for web and mobile, B2B and B2C, travel and healthcare, finance and media, etc.

Graduated with the Master’s degree in Information design, and has worked with the design of information since then. Studied and worked in Bauhaus Dessau, knows everything about Walter Gropius, and how to work in the international and multicultural group of people.

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