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Concept Testing with Confidence

When going from zero to one with a new feature, product, or service, it is crucial to find out if your solution is useful before ensuring that it is usable. Designers can increase their influence and inspire stakeholder confidence by testing out the “what” before researching the “how.” In this talk, I will walk you through a case study on concept testing, and how my team was able acquire funding by proving out a big customer need in the market.

In this talk, you will learn these things:

  • Find out if a customer problem is big enough to merit an entirely new solution – not just an iterative enhancement
  • Capture behavioral insights in whatever way you can – don’t be afraid to get scrappy
  • Measure success to inspire stakeholder confidence – pave the path toward a full-fledge solution

Your Speaker

Brittany Sumarsono is a problem-solver and user-advocate – she loves to make the complex simple through design. Brittany has worked as a designer across multiple industries, including cyber security, healthcare, telecommunications, entertainment, and finance. At Intuit, she works to power prosperity for small businesses by empowering experts to deliver financial advice to their clients. Brittany lives in Richardson, TX with her husband, Andrew, and was born and raised in California. She’s a proud UCLA Bruin and honorary Texas, as well as a lover of good food and even better company.

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