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You Have a Seat at the Table: Now What?

During last year’s conference, I spoke about getting a seat at the table through UX measurement. The title of the talk was: “Seat at the table: can’t spell executive without UX” This year I’ll present a short summary of last year’s talk and will present the wins and challenges of having and maintaining a seat at the table. I’ll share success stories along with sentiments from Adobe and Kimberly-Clark to mention a few.

Kimberly-Clark, details how a single UX score was shared with stakeholders and proved how UX research can impact business outcomes. Now measuring UX is a table steak, and the redesign doesn’t get pushed into production until it reaches the desired UX Score. Adobe: they launched a benchmarking program to measure usability, and why this led to significant improvements in the product, wider buy-in from leadership and greater data-driven customer value. Now,they align the UX team MOBs to the performance of the qxScore performance.

You’ll learn how to maintain a seat at the table and tackle some of the challenges that come along with it. What are the executives expectations as a results. e.g., align UX team’s MOBs to QXscore performance, integrate UX insights measurement into the product life cycle and more.

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Rima Campbell is an accredited user experience professional with a focus on developing world class customer experiences and leading businesses to achieve the maximum return on every customer interaction. For over 20 years, she has acted as a strong advocate for the customer along with championing the best practices in user experience. She also has the business acumen and pragmatism to make intelligent tradeoffs for profitability. She enjoys coaching, mentoring people to achieve exceptional results.

Rima has 20 years of stellar achievement in UX leadership and execution. She spent nearly two decades at Citigroup in various capacities, IA, Design Strategy and UX Research. In her last 5 years at Citi, she strategically navigated a complex global structure at Citi and proved the value of UX insights, which resulted in growing the UX Research budget from $35K to $3MI and building a team of 13 researchers in a span of 5 years.

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