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Queer Global: A Case Study in Designing for Dignity

This talk will highlight the UX work of the Queer Global team to design for dignity in the specific areas of accessibility and universal design, and design ethics, strategy, and integration. In this case study, we will how a globally diverse team of people collaborating across the globe to ensure a respectful, usable experience for our customers, users, and team.

Queer Global, a NY-based organization, is dedicated to helping under-represented people, both in and out of the rainbow umbrella, gain a sense of dignity, relief, and inclusivity by providing a single platform offering links to resources, surgeons, doctors, and therapists, as well as a comprehensive listing of worldwide events, support groups, product lines, and queer-owned companies that cater to marginalized people around the globe.

Learning Objectives

We will discuss our design process and accompanying approach to accessibility, diversity, and inclusion for this project, which involves:

  • The vast diversity of the site building team includes people from different countries
  • Using  a dedicated accessibility auditor since the start of the project
  • Understanding, researching, and testing accessibility in terms of universally across the globe
  • Private accessibility in countries where being queer is not publicly accepted or illegal
  • Ensuring to offer accurate and inclusive representation with photos and images
  • Avoiding the too-frequent use of stock images of straight white models waving rainbow flags
  • Accounting for diversity including ethnicity, size, shape, age, gender, and more
  • Intentional usage of the Rainbow symbol and colors to avoid appearing “stereotypically queer”
  • Solicitation of art and photos from LGBTQ+ community members to showcase on the site

Your Speakers

I’m Rachel Goodman and a recent graduate of Michigan State University. I graduated with a degree in Experience Architecture which is UX/UI design and loved every second of it. I especially loved Accessibility, and took extra courses in school to learn more about it. During my senior year, I joined Queer Global where I work on the User Experience team and specialize in accessibility conducting audits. In addition to UX, I was in Greek life at my school in the sorority Sigma Delta Tau, and the Greek honor society. Other than academics, I also enjoy swimming, dancing, hanging out with friends, and traveling to my favorite cities: New York and Boston.

Jenna Bradford (she/her) is a strategist, designer, and creative thinker. She has 11 years of experience as an Art Director and Graphic & UI/UX Designer. Her design career has spanned 5 different industries. Currently, she is a UI/UX Designer for Falkon Technologies.

She is also a volunteer as Lead UX Designer and Project Manager for the NY-based nonprofit, Queer Global. Jenna is happiest when surrounded by people smarter than herself and when she uses her design skills to improve the lives of others. She is a passion for more accessible design to make relevant experiences in the products people use. Jenna is a proud dog owner, too.

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