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Love-Centered Design

What is more important to you?

a. Designing a delightful user experience

b. Self-love, intimacy, peace, and freedom

If your answer is the latter, join Preet Dalal in a session that’s half opinion talk, half interactive sticky-noting workshop, in which you’ll learn how to think beyond your career to meaningfully redesign your own life with dignity and self-respect.

Learning Objective

  • Learn to use the UX design process beyond just your career, in order to meaningfully redesign your own life
  • Equip yourself with a new lens of design to tackle personal challenge
  • Consider a love-centric philosophy of design more relevant to our individual human needs
  • Think critically of human-centered design in our own life

Your Speaker

Preet Dalal was born in little old Stillwater, Oklahoma, but spent many of his formative years in India, where he attended an unorthodox jungle school focused on nurturing inquiry, inner wisdom, and creativity. It was here that he found his first love – Understanding and improving the human experience.

Also during his formative years, Preet stumbled upon Photoshop, which practically became his best friend. It was here that he discovered his second love – Design, in all its shades and forms.

Professionally, Preet’s been in the field for 5 years, most recently as a Product Designer for Funsize, an Austin-based design agency doing kickass work for clients like Adobe, Facebook, AT&T, and Capital One.

Preet strives to keep growing, learning, and bringing his two loves – Design and the Human Experience – together into one magnificent explosion.

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