Make the Case for Big Design

Trying to convince your boss to send you to Big Design? Want to send the whole team? How do you get the time and budget you need? Here are some talking points for you!

Buy a Ticket

Get Actionable Results

Conferences are a huge investment of time and money. It’s super easy to measure the benefits of attending the Big Design Conference.

Your organization needs to … … and here’s how Big Design helps you make it happen.
Keep up with the latest industry trends The conference lineup offers the best and most knowledgeable experts. Go ahead, check out the program.
Learn how others do work in the field With tool demos, real-life case studies, and practical tips & tricks, you’ll learn how to solve wicked problems.
Improve your current processes If it is not part of the process, people don’t do it!. Big Design is where you hear how others are overcoming challenges.
Recruit new talent for your team Finding talent is hard. Develop your talent pipeline from the smart, qualified candidates that go to Big Design.
Solve a wicked problem How to do accessibility? Develop an AI solution? Big Design has targeted sessions to help you solve specific challenges.
Reduce costs at work Whether you need to sharpen skills or find a consultant, Big Design helps you make smart decisions about those investments.
Train others in design and research Companies tell us Big Design is most valuable when you send a team. They get inspired, energized, and learn so much!
Accelerate your value as an employee Hiring a new person with new skills is costly. Instead, increasing the skills of existing employees is a bargain.
Know who can help when you get stuck Develop your own network by meeting new friends face-to-face. They may help you solve your next wicked problem.

Curated by Industry Experts

Cassini Nazir

Design Educator

Kayla Wren

Design Strategist

Brian Sullivan

Director, Design Strategy

Lore Benson

Designer & Researcher

Scott Feaster

Design Leader

Walter Jacobs

SVP, Design & Innovation

Lara Becker

Senior UX Designer

Joshua Winegardner

Tech Enthusiast

Kim Linnen

SVP, Creative Solutions

J. Schuh

Author, Strategist, & Educator

Low-Pressure, High-Value Networking

Big Design attendees want to make a difference They’re strategists, designers, coders, user researchers, writers, and marketers. They get their hands dirty. You will find founders, directors, managers, and principals who make the big strategic decisions for their company.

Whatever your role, you’ll find similar brainiacs at the Big Design Conference. We have several networking opportunities for you to meet the right person or have the right conversation. Our attendees want to meet like-minded people to talk about projects, tools, trends, and recruiting opportunities.

Recruit. Chew the Fat. Compare. Talk Shop. Brainstorm.

More for Your Money

The Big Design Conference is a high-value, low-cost experience to fit any budget:

  • Virtual conference in 2021 (no travel or hotel costs)

  • Different rates for student, professionals, and groups. 

  • Discount codes are available for group (just send us an email).

  • No need to miss work (all sessions are recorded in 2021)

Besides access to our awesome sessions, each conference pass includes:

  • Post-conference videos (go back and re-visit content)

  • Access to our Slack channel to continue the conversations

  • Exclusive opportunities to ask Q&A with all speakers

  • Special offers and discounts from our sponsors

Discounts Available

Beyond our discounts for groups and students, we offer Big Design discounts for non-profits, start-ups, and veterans.

Send an email to for a special code to worth 15% off the two-day passes.