Workshop: Accessibility Program Design and Inclusive Usability Workshop

Jayne Schurick
Robert Jolly
Sharron Rush
20 Sep 2018
9:00 am - 5:00 pm
Gilley's - The Loft

Workshop: Accessibility Program Design and Inclusive Usability Workshop

Smart companies are implementing accessibility programs – integrating accessible design considerations into product and service planning. Integrating accessibility into product design and delivery has been shown to support innovation, extend market reach, reduce legal risk, and create diverse and inclusive environments.

This workshop will take you through the basics of how to approach accessibility as a part of company policy and then link development and procurement practice to that policy. You will learn how effective accessibility practice extends across roles, how to get buy-in across the development lifecycle, and how to ensure that accessibility efforts are sustained. You will participate in a hands-on usability lab, allowing you to test a product with actual users with disabilities. You will learn how to adapt your usability testing to learn from them. You will also learn how to recruit and screen people with disabilities who may use various assistive technologies to interact with web pages and applications. Expect hands-on learning in this highly interactive session.

PLEASE NOTE: Big Design conference passes do not include workshops. Passes to workshops are sold separately.

Due to popular demand, five seats have been added to this session.