Adopt and Adapt: A Jump-Start Strategy for Driving Experience Culture

Louise Craig
Susan Price
07 Oct 2021
9:00 am - 9:50 am CDT

Adopt and Adapt: A Jump-Start Strategy for Driving Experience Culture

Designing for Dignity — effectively, consistently, and at scale — requires a full toolkit of experience standards, governance, and training. The problem? Developing such a toolkit consumes tons of time and energy. In practice, most teams end up putting “real work” first. Try our Adopt/Adapt method instead!

Adopt existing free/open/public domain principles, methods, guides, and toolkits, then Adapt them to your organization’s needs. This flexible Adopt/Adapt strategy moves your experience practice forward by leaps and bounds — while making an immediate difference for your users and contributors. We’ll share a case study of how we’re leveraging Adopt and Adapt to provide UX direction, create momentum, and drive culture change at the City of San Antonio.

In this talk, you will learn:

  • LEAP BARRIERS – Identify and overcome resistance, drive awareness, connect silos and allies, create buy-in, evolve and change the culture while getting work done
  • FILL THE GAPS WITH ADOPT AND ADAPT – leverage the many high-quality, free, open, public domain (and paid) resources — and then build on them.
  • DELIVER MVEs (Minimum Viable Experiences) – Create a culture where perfect isn’t the enemy of the good. Move your organization forward one experience, one project, and one stakeholder at a time.