Crafting a Design Challenge for Evaluating UX Candidates

Chelsea Soprano
Josh Christopher
21 Sep 2018
11:00 am - 11:50 am
Bluebonnet Room

Crafting a Design Challenge for Evaluating UX Candidates

UX designers are in demand — more and more people are entering the field every day. This causes companies that are trying to attract, interview, and hire UX designers a number of challenges:

1. How do you keep from scaring off great UX candidates before the interview even occurs?
2. What does your company actually do to evaluate the the candidates that you’re bringing in?
3. How do you demonstrate the same thoughtfulness via the interview process that you hope your UX candidates will bring in their design solutions?

With many new potential UX designers coming in straight out of school, or changing careers and coming from another field, it becomes very important for us to accurately evaluate and hire candidates. This requires that someone familiar with the industry  vet experience, review portfolios, and interview.

By spending time and effort to come up with a documented hiring process, you don’t fall into a process accidentally and are able to craft an experience that gives a better outcome to everyone.