Designing for the Next Billion: Impact of Emerging Markets on Product Design

Supriyo Roy
21 Sep 2019
10:00 am
Brazos Room

Designing for the Next Billion: Impact of Emerging Markets on Product Design

With the world of internet continuously evolving and almost every segment from entertainment to healthcare on the verge of disruption, Users from emerging markets are increasingly likely to be among the users of any designer’s product. Not only is the business opportunity substantial, but it’s also an area in which designers can have a real impact.

The way these users are coming online is very different from what we have had witnessed in the decade before it. Most of these users enter through the world of patchy network connectivity and yet are exposed to the use of mobile-first approach and assistive technologies. Keeping that in mind, it becomes increasingly important to build with empathy and make the users feel in control. The understanding of culturally appropriate visual cues and vernacular aid is paramount to building an experience which does not feel like a UX conundrum as your product navigates through the continents.

This is a small but somewhat fun take on sensitizing the design and product community about why removing the barriers to entry matter now more than ever and how we can open up to a whole new, massive audience by building more meaningful experiences.

Three Key Takeaways from the session
– Area of extreme opportunity and impact: Users from emerging markets ARE going to be your next users.
– Don’t assume and build with empathy for the next billion.
– Design for complexity, cost and uncertainty and yet be vivid and joyous.