WORKSHOP: Designing Your Design Strategy – Moving From Theory to Practice

Jason Osburn
J Schuh
19 Sep 2019
9:00 am - 4:30 pm
Canvas Hotel Conference A (1st Floor)

WORKSHOP: Designing Your Design Strategy – Moving From Theory to Practice

Upon first glance, design strategy looks like common sense. You build empathy, explore pain points, brainstorm solutions, build a prototype, and test with real users. In theory, design strategy is a framework of logical steps with inputs and outputs with key stakeholders achieving alignment every step of the way. In practice, design strategy has many traps, snares, pitfalls, adaptations, and workarounds. Plus, people can get easily confused with heated discussions over difficult decisions.

In this interactive workshop, you will learn about how to build an effective design strategy practice at your company and take your facilitation skills to the next level. The workshop will include these topics:

  • Part 1: Designing a Practical Design Strategy
    • Learn about Common Design Strategy Frameworks and Tools
    • See Tips and Tricks on How Get More from Each Design Strategy Tool
    • Learn How to Pair Design Strategy Tools to Get More Insights
    • See Real-World Case Studies From Your Instructors
    • Perform Hand-On Activities with Other People
  • Part 2: Upping Your Design Strategy Facilitation Skills
    • Learn How to Effectively Prepare for Any Engagement (Schedule, Plan, Pre-work, etc)
    • Understand the Universals Signs of Body Language (What They Mean and How to React)
    • See Effective Ways to Deal with Detractors, Derailers, and Difficult Personalities
    • Determine Ways to Speed Up, Slow Down, or Pause Conversations and Presentations
    • Understand Ways to Level Up Your Facilitation Skills with Interactive Exercises

You will be paired up with 5-6 people at a table to run through several hand-on exercises to better design your design strategy practice and level up your own facilitation skills.

Who Should Attend the Workshop

Any person interesting in building better products and services, which includes designers, researchers, developers, product managers, and more. Any person interested in design strategy/design thinking. People interested in leveling up their facilitation skills. Executives, Directors, and Managers responsible for implementing product strategy, design thinking, or lean/agile development practices. The workshop has been designed with founders, startups, and enterprise leaders in mind.

Your Instructors

Your instructors work at both a large enterprise company and a small startup in the Dallas area. J. Schuh is implementing a design strategy practice at a large enterprise company, where he is scaling design strategy globally. Jason Osburn is implementing a design strategy practice at a small startup, where he can greatly impact the future product vision and the company’s bottom line.

Designing Your Design Strategy Workshop – $199
PLEASE NOTE: Big Design conference passes do not include workshops. Passes to workshops are sold separately. Workshops will sell out so register in advance!

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