SOLD OUT – Workshop: Essentials of Prototyping with Axure

JoAnne Wright
19 Sep 2019
9:00 am - 4:30 pm
Canvas Hotel Conference B (1st Floor)

SOLD OUT – Workshop: Essentials of Prototyping with Axure

This workshop is sold out.
PLEASE NOTE: Big Design conference passes do not include workshops. Passes to workshops are sold separately.

Paper prototyping is a quick and easy way to communicate your design ideas, but using paper to describe interactive behaviors can be challenging. If a picture is worth a thousand words, an interactive prototype could be worth millions! Enter Axure, one of the most popular and powerful interactive prototyping tools for the UX professional. This workshop will give you hands-on training to create your own interactive wireframes and prototypes using Axure RP. We’ll cover the best uses for Axure and introduce you to the user interface. From there we’ll layout and create a wireframe using the most common elements, then add interactivity. We’ll get you started using some of the most powerful interactive features in Axure including masters, dynamic panels and variables. Can you learn everything Axure in one day? Of course not, but you’ll walk out with a solid foundation, ready to add this to your UX toolbox.

Who should attend:
Newbies and experienced pros can both learn a lot in this hands-on, interactive class with loads of exercises.

What attendees should bring:
Bring your computer with Axure installed and get ready to learn!

Workshop Address
The workshop will be held in the Canvas Hotel at 1325 S. Lamar St, Dallas, TX 75215