Is UX Killing the Craft of Design?

Lily Bather
20 Sep 2019
10:00 am
Bluebonnet Room

Is UX Killing the Craft of Design?

Technology companies, as well as businesses, require actionable results to stay competitive. What can we do as designers to go against the trend of fast vs. good and preserve the quality and the craft of our work in an industry that demands you to move faster?

Is the practice of ‘lean’ and ‘agile’ UX destroying the craft of design?

Welcome to 2019, it’s the age of instant gratification, whatever you want you can have. It is a click away, a day or two-day delivery away, an MVP away. The internet has transformed our lives forever. Mostly for the better. This digital era has enabled an incredible amount of information, products, and services to be available within the tap or click of a button.

Do you want to buy something? You get it delivered to your door. Do you want to cook? Here are 100 different brownie recipes, rated by most popular Want to read? Maybe you don’t have the time to read. How about an audiobook?

Now, you want to become a UX Designer? Sure, here’s a short online course and a sketch license, go for it… You want to become a SENIOR UX Designer? Sure. That is an easy one. What can we do as UX practitioners to restore the craftsmanship and the dignity of design? Maybe it starts by taking a look into our own personality flaws.