Leveraging the Power of the Community: The New Era of Technology Governance

21 Sep 2018
4:00 pm - 4:20 pm
South Side Music Hall

Leveraging the Power of the Community: The New Era of Technology Governance

Customers need guaranteed up-times and resolutions times, but what is more important is the users’ experiences with the service. SLAs take a very technology-centric view of the service. The key is to understand the business/user expectations and connect those to relevant IT goals.

Similar thinking can be used when considering employee experience as well. Technological advancements mean employees are coming to work expecting the same experience with technology as at home. As the war for talent rages on, companies that provide great employee experience will attract and retain the best talent.

Who is accountable for driving experience for both employees and customers? So far, it has been the responsibility of the IT organization. HR, using new technologies of their own, could drive employee experience, and product managers, with support from marketing, could better understand and lead the customer experience. Or perhaps a new type of “CeO” in charge of employee and customer experience, could emerge.

The next level of maturity would be to create a function focused on driving experience. Irrespective of who drives this charter, the shift is clear. From an inside-out to outside-in perspective. From technology to user (business) centricity. From Quality of Service to Quality of Experience. From SLA to ELA, companies are moving to manage their own application technology portfolio in an inclusive way where on-the-ground developers and employees have input into the Enterprise Technology and Architecture (Cloud Technology, GitHub, DevOps, OpenSource, AR/VR, AI/Machine Learning, Blockchain, etc.). Where UX and UCD can share their voice. Welcome to the new Digital Era of Leveraging the Power of the Community!