Love-Centered Design

Preet Dalal
07 Oct 2021
4:00 pm - 4:50 pm CDT

Love-Centered Design

What is more important to you?

a. Designing a delightful user experience

b. Self-love, intimacy, peace, and freedom

If your answer is the latter, join Preet Dalal in a session that’s half opinion talk, half interactive sticky-noting workshop, in which you’ll learn how to think beyond your career to meaningfully redesign your own life with dignity and self-respect.

Learning Objective

  • Learn to use the UX design process beyond just your career, in order to meaningfully redesign your own life
  • Equip yourself with a new lens of design to tackle personal challenge
  • Consider a love-centric philosophy of design more relevant to our individual human needs
  • Think critically of human-centered design in our own life