UX of Augmented Reality; Today’s Toy, Tomorrow’s Tool

Ken Tabor
20 Sep 2019
2:30 pm
South Side Ballroom

UX of Augmented Reality; Today’s Toy, Tomorrow’s Tool

Augmented Reality (AR) mixes 2D and 3D computational design on top of real-world scenery for its UI. Major tech companies are actively adding the foundational building blocks of AR into their mobile platforms. Many are assigning top talent to find and solve problems within this emerging space.

Following the pattern of most technology in its early stage, AR looks like a toy. It’s not yet something that’s part of a real-world solution. Instead of dismissing AR as a plaything, let’s take a look at its unique UX to observe why it’s used now and reflect on how we might create useful things with it.

In this talk you will:
• Hear a review of major AR concepts
• See an experimental iPhone app to learn what’s practical
• Consider what it takes to build an AR-driven app
• Review fundamental interaction patterns

Attend this session and we’ll decide together if AR is our inevitable future.