A.J. Wood

Solutions Consultant, Adobe

A.J. Wood

Solutions Consultant, Adobe
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A.J. Wood is a Solutions Consultant for Adobe where he engages enterprise customers on the benefits of Adobe software. Prior to joining Adobe he was ranked the #1 Adobe Instructor WORLDWIDE more than once. He is best known for his educational YouTube series, “I Create Content.” Call him a creative generalist or digital artisan, A.J. talked so much about Adobe products, they had no choice but to hire him and put his big mouth to use.

“Not to mention, he has a smile that should be trademarked.” – Dave Weinberg, SC at Adobe
He believes a large part of his success comes from understanding clients expectations, and quickly adapting to their needs. It’s not the technology A.J. demonstrates, but the ability to relate technology to the client’s experience that seems to make a lasting impression.

A.J. Wood is the #1 speaker at the Big Design Conference with 15 talks in the 11-year history of the conference.

All sessions by A.J. Wood

With Efficiency Comes Creativity

21 Sep 2018
4:30 pm-4:50 pm
South Side Music Hall

What’s New in Adobe XD?

22 Sep 2018
2:30 pm -3:20 pm
Brazos Room