Susan McKenzie

UX Designer, Cisco

Susan McKenzie

UX Designer, Cisco
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I am an Interaction Designer/ UI Developer at Cisco Systems creating more user centered designs for administration interfaces. I am working with a team to implement a reusable set of components in Angularjs to be used in front end development. I also am working on a tool to create our trigger based emails. I work with teams all over the world to help create more delightful experiences for Cisco’s users.

I also have experience as a software Development engineer. In this role, I worked with the User Experience designer to develop the UC320 installation GUI which was written in Flex. I focused on the visual component of the tool. At Nortel Networks, I was a patch writer for one of their switches and maintained the lab for the developers to use.

Prior to being a software engineer, I taught High School Mathematics. In this role, I was the lead Teacher Technologist and responsible for training other teachers to use the computer programs we had available. I believe this experience helps me better understand some of the frustrations that different kinds of users can have when using a UI.

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21 Sep 2018
4:00 pm - 4:20 pm