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Adam Polansky Keynotes Big Design 2014

Adam-PolanskyAdam Polansky is one of the keynote speakers for Big Design Conference 2014. Adam has been involved in media development for almost 30 years. Adam has amazing experience in various industries including: advertising, retail, graphic services, hospitality, mechanical services, business development, defense, travel, and consulting. Many of you know Adam from his insights at various conferences like SxSW, IA Summit, UXPA, Lavacon, and the Big Design Conference.

Things You Should Know About Adam Polansky

When you run a conference, you want to pick someone who has certain qualities:

  • Well- respected
  • Trustworthy
  • Responsible
  • Dependable
  • Passionate
  • Genuine
  • Smart
  • Dedicated

In short, you want someone with character. For us, Adam Polansky enbodies a UX person with character.

Personally, I became aware of Adam Polansky because he contributed to several discussion on IXDA and Boxes & Arrows. I was impressed at his well-thought blog posts, questions, and answers. I watched Adam lead meetings at the local UXPA chapter many years ago.  Adam was able to pull in some top notch speakers. Adam continues to be active in the local DFW area, too.

At many conferences, Adam works behind the scenes. He has done speaker coaching at SxSW, IA Summit, and Big Design. At IA Summit, he can often be seen on outings with new attendees to make them feel more comfortable.  At Big Design, he has helped us to plan the entire conference for the past two years.

Adam has an eye for detail and an ear for new voices.

Recently, Adam has been invited to teach at large university in their newest program to educate the next generation of designers. These students will be very blessed to have Adam as a teacher.

Finally, the biggest secret of all is: Adam is a really great speaker. He has always been a speaker at the conference.  In 2014, Adam is on the main stage!

He will rock the Big Design House.

Get your ticket today!  Prices go up on June 1st.



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